{{A-Way}} The Easy Sweet Noose

by 1=2

reading time: 3 minutes

There is a way, the easiest and yet damn harder one, to turn what is hard into simple and vice-versa: that is suicide.

Cheating on Time

I believe, as I wrote in this post talking about freedom, that freedom itself is a state of mind. Oppression is a state of mind too and time, does not help.

When a man or a woman, a boy or a girl does not feel comfortable in his own skin, in his own time.. escape is then the only friend as the end.

Breathe in, breathe out (just to breathe in again)

Living is simple, surviving makes it different, makes it harder.

If you ever spent some time watching animals, bugs or even plants doing their things with.. “their own time”.. well then you have probably wondered how simple existing can be, to them.

The thing is time does not matter to them, obviously, or it does in pretty different and more decent way. They have a simple goal in life, they have three actually:

  1. Eat
  2. Feed
  3. Reproduce

Moreover, animals are not aware they exist, they don’t get frustrated, they don’t have what human do and call “Ratiocination“.

Ratiocination brings feelings. And, guess what? You must not fear your feelings because if you do, chances are someone, someday, will hurt them while you will fight yourself, you will fight the fact that you felt them (feelings) and you could start “cheating on time”, you could begin cheating on yourself and, worse, disbelieve what you feel by disbelieving yourself.

Writing a Sad Song

I’m not a huge fan to sad songs and I will tell you why I tend to write such in a bit, but just let me explain you why I don’t like them much.

I like being energetic, emphatic and positive, I hate and regret feeling sorry for myself as much as I don’t give in those people acting this way.
In despair it has happened to me too to feel sorry for myself and I have been hating myself much for that.
I regret writing sad songs because I kind of read them as “passive” to life which is not entirely true in the end because passivity involves no action, while writing a song means reacting, almost fully.

Since I am no stupid nor arid, however sad, such a song is a response (the key one) to the most fragile feelings, the innermost ones. And that is GOOD, that is positive, that is reactive, that is key: sad songs are the most true songs you will ever listen to and the fact that you may not be feeling comfortable in listening that sad tune on the radio making you want to tune into another station, is driven by your true will to listen to it or not.
True song = True you.

Photo © Toni Frissell

The Power of Weakness

Ever felt like destroying everything that surrounds you, meaning tearing things apart?

Do you think fury is the language of the weak?

Well, whatever mind you made up about it, weakness intended as sadness (if we can intend it this way) can be a thunder, tempest, revolution. This world feeds many good people, deeply sensible ones, with grief and sorrow, and it is not that hard for such people to get destroyed by their own feelings. Reiterated hard words or mean actions to them can engrave their misconception of pain right into their souls. That sort of thirst of self and the neglect of the outer world is so deep to make them believe that the very outer world is the cause to their suffering.

I wrote such a sad song because I wanted to invite all those sad people thinking about taking their own lives not to.

I just wanted to say to all those oppressed people that felt strong enough, after having been seen by others as weak, that each time one passed away this world got worse, making us lose to the creaking of that “easy sweet noose“.

Click here to listen to “A-Way” and read the lyrics.