{{Contrivers}} While you Breathe

by 1=2

reading time: 2 minutes

Life on a Tree

They have always been there. Those planners/organizers/rulers (sounds more like a kid’s pencil pouch uh?). Since men gave up life on a tree and organized themselves in tribes, chieves or commanders step up to guide the mass… Them, contrivers, love it nasty.

Burn all ideologies for freedom

I don’t believe in extreme ways of thinking, I don’t believe in political ideologies nor I believe everything is fucked up. But I do believe things are getting worse in perspective for freedom. The more freedom of choice and expression we have (compared to the past) the more control They gain (or need to gain).

Let’s be clear…

Freedom is a mental state (at least to me). That mental condition which often requires intelligence (not meant as C.I.A.). Intelligence is not rare because we all are intelligent beings, us humans. The thing is many of us got stoned. Some got some issue with God, some have been striving for a life, some just do not have one, some are rolling down the valley of life, rather than climbing the mountain which life actually is. Well all of this just to say that society makes us fuzzy and fuzziness is no friend to intelligence, better it is sort of a virus to it.

Photo © Luiz Eduardo Lupatini

“It all depends, always”

This is the most obvious and useless statement of all time.
The thing is: what are you depending on?

The Pink Floyd legacy

Huge stuff. US and THEM. This is the way the world must go so that we will fight each other forever, while THEY can be the 1%. So, keep blaming your neighborhood, you silly silly hamster.

The solution is the “most simple” thing you can think of

You keep doing your own things while you breathe, just keep in mind to be honest, at least to yourself. Whatever you’re up to, just don’t be their chess piece.

  • Be careful
  • Be positive
  • Be altruistic
  • Do not have faith, be faith
  • Do not leave behind who has been good to you, life is no challenge, life is inspiration
  • Be good to people
  • Do what you do with love otherwise find something else to do
  • Do not be a slave to yourself
  • Do not think you are a slave to the boss, just be unique since your atoms and genes underlined it the very day you were born
  • Do not be narcissist
  • Remind yourself you are just one out of billions
  • Don’t ever forget your day will come

Be sure, there is no heaven nor hell waiting for you. The only haven, or hell, you will ever have is the one you will build around yourself, while you breathe.

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